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Historic and Geologic Resources
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(Including, Tehachapi, the Mojave Desert
 and Southern San Joaquin Valley)


Tehachapi Area Resources

Survey of Tehachapi Valley and Pass in 1853

Who Killed Thomas Godwin. By Dave Dyas 2010.

Indians of the Tehachapi Area

The Supernatural World of the Kawaiisu by Maurice Zigmond (1977) (html)

The Supernatural World of the Kawaiisu by Maurice Zigmond (1977) (pdf file)

Indians of Mission San Fernando, that later lived at Rancho El Tejón

Father Garces', May 1776 visit to Tehachapi

United States General Land Office Deed (Patent) Records For the Tehachapi Area

Township 31 South, Mount Diablo Meridian
Township 32 South, Mount Diablo Meridian

San Bernardino Meridian

What are Townships, Ranges and Meridians anyway?

US General Land Office / Bureau of Land Management

Patent Records for the Entire State of California

Historic Monuments in the Tehachapi Area

1877 Map of the Tehachapi Area (Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler's  Atlas Sheet No. 73)

Regional Map (Including Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Keyesville)
Tehachapi Area Map

Simplified geologic history of the Tehachapi Area


A Tehachapi Historical Bibliography

Christian Churches of Tehachapi

 Genealogy of Tehachapi Pioneers

In September 2008 I was contacted by an acquaintance Dave Dyas who was looking for more information about Thomas Godwin, who is buried in the old Tehachapi cemetery. Dave and his wife have adopted Thomas Godwin's grave site - to maintain it. I told him I would see what I would find in Ancestry.com.  With this little project I started putting together the genealogies of the pioneers of Tehachapi.

In my own family genealogy research I have run into counties here and there across the fruited plain that have begun their own county genealogies.  What this means is that if your ancestor ever lived in one of these counties they are collecting information about them - very handy.  These websites provided the seed of the idea for this project. 

If you have a subscription to Ancestry.com my website is at:  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7543510/recent

If you don't a subscription you will need to set up a guest account by going to this page:


The first line in the first paragraph says:

"To use any of the features on Ancestry, a user must have at least a Guest registration. To create a registered guest account, click here."

So click the "click here" and set up a guest account. Then let me know (my email address is below) that you have set up a guest account.. and send me the account name you created, then I will send you an invitation.

Here is another option.  Though frozen in time (today, November 11, 2009)  I exported my on-line family tree to a GEDCOM file.  It would be best to import the file into a recent version of Family Tree Maker. HOWEVER, you can down load the free genealogy program Personal Ancestral File (PAF) from HERE and import my GEDCOM file into a new family tree.  (Expect LOTS of errors).

I would love any contributions. Especially photos.

Expect to see more here on this subject.

Regional Historical Resources

Mojave Desert Mining History

Local Area Links

 Historic Central California Reference Material

Early Newspaper Clippings of the Southern San Joaquin Valley
    (Includes Fort Tejon, Indians, Tehachapi, Havaliah, Bakersfield, Mining)


Kern County Historical Society

Keyesville Indian Massacre of April 19, 1863

The Indian School in Tejon Canyon

The Owens Valley Indian War



The Web Search Vredenburgh.org



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