On-line Historic Mining Reports and Documents

Here are some gems I have found so far. If you find more send me the links. My email address is at the bottom of this page. - Larry M. Vredenburgh January 2013.

California Mining Bureau (Links to http://books.google.com)

Report of the State Mineralogist

Report of the State Geologist


California Division of Mines and Geology


Report of the Director of the Mint


The Copper Handbook

Death Valley (Link to http://www.scribd.com)

Engineering and Mining Journal (Links to http://books.google.com and http://archive.org)


Resources of the States and Territories West of the Rocky Mountains, J. Ross Browne.

Mining and Engineering World (The Mining World - Chicago) (Links to http://archive.org and http://books.google.com)

Mining and Metallurgical Journal

Mining Science (Denver - The Mining Science Publishing Company)

Mining and Scientific Press (Links to http://archive.org )

Mining Reporter (Denver - The Industrial Printing and Publishing Company)

Los Angeles Mining Review

The Salt Lake Mining Review (1899-1929)

The Salt Lake Mining Review


USGS Publications Download